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Nothing embodies Glee’s “give Blaine everything without him ever having to work for it” mentality better than the fact that he was handed a spot at NYADA without viewers ever seeing him audition and THEN was given special permission to skip classes so that he could enroll in Kurt’s. 

I mean, yeah, you can adore Blaine all you want, but it’s canon that this shit happens.


Tonight (5x13) felt like a series finale to me.



I’ve been doing some thinking (and some discussing) why that would be and here is my thought.

Last summer, Cory Monteith died and Glee was left to figure out what it would do with out one of its stars. They started season 5 by taking 13 episodes to bring to a close the version of Glee that starred Cory Monteith. That’s why we heard Finn last in the choir room, and that’s why 5x13 felt like a series finale. It was the series finale of Finn’s Glee. 

5x14 is the start of a new show and, whatever happens going forward, that’s what it’ll be (whether they go back to Lima or not, I think). 

I agree with this.

I felt like tonight’s episode was Glee going:

"If you want to stop here, that’s fine. Here’s what’s going to happen. Santana and Brittany are going to run away together. Quinn and Puck are together. Rachel is going to conquer Broadway, and nothing is going to stop her. Artie and Sam are going to take New York by storm, and Tina’s going to get into her university of choice. The three of them plus Blaine are going to always be friends. Kurt and Blaine are going to get married and have two children via Quinn. Kurt and Mercedes will always be friends. Will’s going to teach Vocal Adrenaline. The newbies are going to still be friends after this, and they’re going to be okay. Finn’s not going to be forgotten. If you want to stop the train and get off, now is the time to do it.

…But if you want to stay on and watch the epilogue, to see how they get to that point, boy do we have something ready for you.”


Glee Club is officially over, thank you guys it’s been an honor.

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I’ve been very careful to maintain all of them ever since… like sticking to certain mannerisms in certain situations, keeping certain facial expressions, and, yeah, clapping in a particular way. It’s just kinda one of those silly actor things that despite itself, whether successful or not, has helped me stay in character.

This one time I was watching an episode at home, I caught a quick shot of Blaine NOT clapping “a la Blaine” … and I was so mad at myself! I didn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happened.

can tumblr find where is Blaine not clapping a la Blaine? I’m so curious now that he mentioned that

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Seasons of Love (Season 3 Version)



Klainers, you want to bitch about equality? How about you focus on Kitty’s behaviour towards Unique? Or the constant bisexual erasure regarding Brittany?

No, what you really want to bitch about is that Kurt is kissing somebody other than Hairgel.

not me… I loved the make out scene… I love flirty Kurt… I love any boy/boy interaction with Kurt consent (so Dave’s out)… I would have loved seeing a kadam kiss… I love Kurt being desired because he deserves that and more… that’s why I want to see him interacting as a normal couple with his fiancé :)


unpopular opinion

I liked the glee episode

and Kurt trying to seduce the naked Santa was hilarious, kind of hot and very logic in the context that he was practically dared by Santana to do something spontaneous

yes, the “why Kurt can make out with people that are not his boyfriend on camera” thing is still awful

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my dashboard is full of rage right now

from klainers and non-klainers

it’s amusing and sad at the same time

calm the fuck down and enjoy the show people, we know RIB suck anyway :D we all agree on that… it’s the only thing we agree actually

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