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Still, I’m not sure how many more story lines Glee can sustain in which Kurt is almost, but not quite, chosen for something. Put another way: I’m ready for Glee to stop giving Kurt Hummel the junior-varsity version of a life, please. Enough is enough.

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Yeah, but here’s the thing. I’m about 99% certain that Kurt’s whole life in some way or another is going to be faced with the fact that people won’t want to choose him because he’s too much this, too little that, not right for this or too different for that.

It sounds exhausting. It IS exhausting, but Kurt’s the character who is going to not lie down and give up in the face of that. He’s going to be the one who goes out and honest to god has to make a few things from scratch or go off the beaten path and find the stuff no one else is paying attention to and make it great.

The struggle to make his life what he wants is an HUGE part of Kurt’s character, and to me one of the most fascinating things about him. It’s a big part of the reason I love him so much, because when you’re different in certain ways you don’t just clear one hurdle and the world goes “Oh good for you! Everything from now on will be much easier!” You don’t even clear ten hurdles and get that message.

if anything it goes “God you’re so different and you cleaned that hurdle over there. Can’t that be enough for you?”

I love Kurt and I wish that weren’t true in a general sense in the world, because you want things to be easy for the characters you love, but just because he doesn’t get chosen for things the same way Blaine does doesn’t make his story any less. It’s two different people and how they move through the world based on how they’re put together in the face of what their culture values.

I love it.

(And Blaine’s getting chosen stories…ENTIRELY different set of problems come with that.) (source?)

You know, I want Kurt to win because I love him, but the thing is…Kurt is me. Do people realize what it’s like to look at a character who is different and struggling, and still so amazing? Who gets back up when beaten down time and again? Because I can look at Kurt and see myself. I can’t relate to the characters who succeed all the time, who get handed things, not on a deeper level. Kurt? I see me, and I have hope that people like us will succeed someday, because we’ve got too much to say to just shut up like we’re told over and over.

I’d love Kurt to succeed, just like I’d love to succeed myself. But Kurt’s story is about rising from the ashes as many times as he has to to fly. And he has flown. And then the ashes again. And that shows me I can do it too.

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This screencap screamed badboy!Kurt so I had to do it.

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A quick word about Rachel and Mercedes’ diva-off (which I found mostly uninteresting): Kurt Hummel was the winner of that performance of “Defying Gravity,” and not just because he got to finally prove that he’d intentionally tanked the high note all those years ago. Rachel and Mercedes needed to prove something in the choir room; Kurt didn’t. He stopped needing anything from McKinley a long time ago. Good for him.


Defying Gravity. 

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  • kurt hummel season 1: innocent little cupcake
  • kurt hummel season 5: sexy tattooed, tongue pierced, leather-wearing, eyeliner-wearing badass

I can’t believe Kurt Hummel is wearing a hoodie 

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This is how Klaine will reunite, guys:

I’m convinced Adam is going to be the perfect guy. He’s going to be everything Kurt dreamed about pre-Glee: the New York boy who sweeps Kurt off his feet. He takes Kurt under his wing, protects him from the “popular” NYADA kids and brings Kurt into his band of misfits. Like any teenage fantasy, Adam falls madly in love with Kurt first; Kurt doesn’t have a unreciprocated crush (like Finn). Adam’s going to be the boy who not just sees Kurt’s talent, but praises him for it; he makes Kurt the centre of attention, the star. He’s the person who will finally say “You’re much more talented than Rachel Berry”.

He’s going to look like the guy Kurt dreamed about (gorgeous), talk like the guy Kurt dreamed about (British accent nnngh), and act the dream boy role. For pre-Glee Kurt, this is everything he ever wanted. The big “fuck you” to Lima, Ohio.

So Kurt will be totally enamoured with Adam. He’s going to throw everything into this relationship. This is his chance, his perfect imaginary boy come to life. Adam, The Apples, and NYADA is exactly how he planned his life to be - every detail of it - and he’s finally living his dream.

Except it isn’t his dream anymore. Because when he kisses Adam, he realizes his perfect boy is waiting for him in Ohio. He already found his band of misfits in Glee - something he never imagined possible - and he doesn’t need someone to protect him from the bullies anymore. He’s changed, and Blaine helped him become this new person. Maybe in a different life, Adam would be it, but Kurt’s already found his soulmate. His dream already became reality, just in a different way.

It’s perfect, you see. Because even the perfect boy - the exact boy of Kurt’s dreams - doesn’t compare to Blaine. Even when Blaine’s far from perfect, even when he cheated on Kurt, Blaine is it.

And Adam - being Kurt’s perfect Ken doll - would never stand in the way of soulmates. Because, y’know, he’s perfect. So he encourages Kurt to go to Ohio, to reunite with Blaine. 

THIS IS WHAT I WANT. Glee, make it happen!

yes, please